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Aerial Images, Inc.
Complete Enhanced 9-1-1 Addressing, Mapping, Data and Consultation Services.
High-resolution orthorectified SPIN-2 satellite imagery for mapping.
Aerial Photography, Mapping and GIS Services.

615 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 833-9662 – (919) 833-9614 fax
e-mail: [email protected]

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American Tape Distributors, Inc.
24 Hour Logging Tapes That meet-or-exceed manufacturer’s specifications
Open Reel 3,600′ Analog Tape
Digital 4mm Logging Tape

check our WebSavings at
or call 1-800-BuyTape for instant service!

from Baker Integrated Technologies
770-446-1891, extension 392
DISPATCHWorks™ provides fully integrated radio, telephone and E9-1-1 communications in a MicrosoftNT™ platform. DISPATCHWorks provides such features as ANI/ALI, TDD, speed dial, radio-to-radio patching, radio-to-telephone patching, simulcast, instant transmit and systems integration to third party vendors.

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Addressing and Mapping Services, Inc

359 Boy Scout Rd
DeFuniak Springs, Fl 32433
(850) 892-9929
E-mail: [email protected]

Visit us at

We provide addressing and mapping services for 9-1-1 departments. Our services include E9-1-1 Map Books, Digital Map Services, Addressing Database Management, MSAG Creation, Website Design and MUCH MORE!!!

Let us work with you on an addressing and mapping solution for your community!

CML Technologies, Inc.
U.S. (404)315-6200 / Canada (819)778-2053
Preparing for the Future of the Wireless!!
CML Technologies Inc. offers a complete state-of-the-art communications solution by providing E9-1-1 Central Office Equipment, on site ANI/ALI controllers, Answering Position Equipment, solutions for the Wireless and Radio Dispatch Consoles.

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CSI – Law Enforcement


Software for the 911 Database

911 Datamaster Inc.


800-447-7749, extension D324
Dictaphone in the premiere supplier of recording systems – like ProLog(tm) and Guardian(R) – used to maintain accurate records of emergency communications in public safety and other law enforcement applications. Thousands of organizations worldwide depend on Dictaphone communications recording systems to keep accurate records of their important communications.

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Domore Dispatch Chairs
(219) 293-0621
2400 Sterling Ave
Elkhart, IN 46515

Specially developed 24 hour / 365 day dispatch chairs. G.S.A./F.F.A. approved and certified for 24 hour use. For users from 100 to 750 lbs.

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Dynamic Instruments, Inc.
3860 Calle Fortunada -San Diego, CA 92123
Tel #(619) 278-4900               Fax #(619) 278-6700

Dynamic Instruments (DI) is a leading manufacturer of voice logging equipment to the Public Safety Marketplace. Be sure to stop by Booth Number 344 to see DI’s newest product: The Incredible DI-936 PRO. Now even the smallest dispatch centers can take advantage of DI’s voice logging solutions, which now includes hallmark features such as CallTRAP, CallNOTES, CallLINK and AutoSECURE. Come see why Dispatch Supervisors everywhere are so interested in the new DI-936 PRO.

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Since our first installation in 1987, EmergiTech has been on the leading edge of innovation in the Public Safety venue. With nearly 200 installations, our reputation for listening to our customers and providing exactly what they need is unsurpassed. We provide Enhanced 9-1-1 CPE equipment, CAD, Records and Mapping systems.

Visit us at

G&B Technologies, Inc.

Providing computer software for E911 Tandem and DMS ALI/Alisa data analysis and reporting. We have a E911 Tandem Switch loading service for 5ESS ESA and DMS100 E911 SRDB for NPA Split and rehome projects.

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McKenzie Engineering Corporation
E-mail: [email protected]
Toll Free 1-888-GEO-MAPS or Office (304) 872-5200

Geo-Maps geographic information system (GIS) provides detailed information for dispatch, ownership, properties, utilities, structures and highways. Geo-Map clients include E911 Services, to locate objects of emergency calls; governments, to access property information; and utilities, to research property ownership and values.

See our mapping and data solutions at

HBF Group, Inc. answers the call with its wire line and wireless solution and next generation Enhanced 9-1-1 application, System-9 Zenith Opus One. HBF’s record of uptime since cutover of its live E9-1-1 systems is in excess of 99.999%, which is by far the best in the industry.
ZENITH OPUS ONE – “The possibilities are endless. And that’s just the beginning.”
(512) 481-0911

Integrated Data Communications

(206) 842-9262

13962 Olde Post Road
Pickerington, Ohio 43147
Voice (614)-927-3495
FAX (614)-927-3494.

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Litton PRC Public Sector, Inc.
1500 PRC Drive
McLean, VA 22102
(800) 411-9781

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L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc.
245 South Allen Street
State College, PA 16801
(814) 867-4566
(814) 867-4572 (fax)
email: [email protected]
Contact: R. Kevin Murray, Vice President, Telecommunications Technology
L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc. develops, implements, and upgrades Enhanced 9-1-1 emergency communications systems.  This telecommunications consulting firm offers 9-1-1 Planning and Development services including feasibility studies, 9-1-1 Automation System Services including development of technical specifications and RFP’s, Radio System Services including radio propagation analysis, and mapping/GIS services support all 9-1-1 development projects.

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Lucent Public Safety Systems
1-800-FIND-911                 FAX: 630-224-6012
e-mail: [email protected]

What you get when you marshall the innovative forces of Bell Labs and the telecommunication resources of Lucent Technologies and focus them on creating state-of-the-art solutions for public safety agencies.

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Master Clock Systems
Tel – 800-940-2248 or 314-724-3666 : Fax– 314-724-3776

Master clock systems – fully compliant with NENA master clock standard 04-002. Complete line of compatible products including wall clocks with character heights up to 12 inches, computer & network time synchronization, voice recorders, CAD etc.

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microDATA –
Telephone:  800-722-6663 FAX:   802-748-5447

microDATA specializes in the development of the SPATIAL MSAGTM necessary for wireless and wireline E-911 implementation and dispatch.  Our expert team has over ten years experience in developing E-911 databases, geographic information system (GIS) and digital mapping for counties and states nationwide. During the past ten years, microDATA‘s research and development team has developed e9GISTM, a highly specialized system for E-911 database development, distance based addressing and mapping.
[email protected]

Exclusive Representative for:
Watson Furniture Systems
12725B Miller Rd NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 91110
206.842.3290 fax

Console Furniture for 9-1-1
dispatching and call taking

Email: [email protected]
Visit our “dispatch” site at:

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MSAG Data Consultants, Inc.
MSAG provides complete Enhanced 911 Addressing, Field Verification, Database Compilation, Address Maintenance, E911 Map Locating System and a wide range of GIS Services.

331 North Madison Road
Orange, VA 22960
Telephone: (540) 672-0807
Fax: (540) 672-0876
Toll Free: 1-800-852-5153
[email protected]
2024 Arkansas Valley Dr.
Suite 408
Little Rock, AR 72221
Telephone: (501)217-0911
Fax: (501)223-9550

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NetworkOmni® Multilingual Communications
1329 East Thousand Oaks Blvd, 2nd Floor
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
800.543.4244         Fax – 805.379.2467

Full-service translations, interpretations, and teleinterpretations

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NORTEL 9-1-1 Solutions

“Symposium ENR ™ is Nortel’s integrated desktop solution for public safety agencies. ENR provides the emergency 9-1-1 dispatcher with CTI tools, advanced databases, messaging interfaces, graphical mapping capabilities, etc. to enable them to work faster, better, and smarter.”

Plant Equipment,
Plant Equipment, Inc. (PEI) develops and manufactures advanced telecommunications systems for the 9-1-1 environment. From true CTI intelligent workstations to comprehensive MIS packages, PEI systems are designed to integrate and migrate to meet customer needs today, and in the future. [email protected] mailto:[email protected]

Positron Public Safety Systems
Advanced 9-1-1 Solutions for Your Community
[email protected]
 Positron is a world lead in the engineering of 9-1-1 solutions including Intelligent Workstations, controllers, telephone consoles,MIS and TDD technology.
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The Nation’s Leading Dispatch Trainer
1.800.53.POWER – fax: 203.245.3022
[email protected]
Over 45,000 trained worldwide and seminar now scheduled in 250 cities. Integrated call guides and software standardize protocols for police, fire and emergency medical dispatch pre-arrival instructions

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PSAP Data Resources

Representation to the 911 CommunityInformation and Documentation ExchangesService Agreements and NegotiationsILEC 911 Network and Administrative InformationPSAP Administrative Information and LocationsPublic Safety Contacts, Roles and ResponsibilitiesSurcharge Collection and Remittance InformationDefault Routing and Special Call RoutingCoverage Area and ExceptionsResale ServicesCurrent Markets SupportOngoing Maintenance and Updates

877-PSAP-911 (toll free)
770-667-6588 (voice) 770-442-9547 (fax)

Public Safety Associates
One Stop .. Maps, Public Safety Systems & Data
[email protected]

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from Red Sky Technologies, Inc.

phone: 1-877-RedSky1 fax: 248-424-889

E-911 AutoPilot is a proactive easy to use Windows™ based software program that features comprehensive, secure and reliable management of private switch (PBX) E-911 ALI information. E-911 AutoPilot automates the many responsibilities and tasks involved in maintaining current and accurate ALI information to ensure employee and company protection.

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RAN Systems, Inc.
E-mail: [email protected]
Voice: (561) 625-0484 Fax: (561) 625-9236

Line Logg-R Test and Monitor System. Logs call activity on both E911 and 7 digit Administrative lines. ANI, Caller ID and Position ID capable. MIS Logg-R Windows™ based software. User friendly access to pre-built and Adhoc reports and graphs. Time Logg-R legally traceable master clock that exceeds NENA standard. Synchronizes time on all 911 equipment.

SCC Communications Corp.
6285 Lookout Road, Boulder, Co. 80301-3343
Phone: 800-635-2911 Fax: 303 581-0900
Email: [email protected]

Founded in 1979, SCC is the largest and fastest growing provider of 9-1-1 services and technology systems in North America. SCC’s products are currently utilized directly or indirectly by more than 160 million people worldwide.

schofield100X200.gif (2474 bytes)The Schofield Group
241 Main Street, Townsend, MA 01469

Phone: 978.597.0005    WEB:

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Spectracom Corporation
Phone 716.381.4827; Fax 716.381.4998

NetClock Master Clocks meet NENA PSAP Master Clock Standard #04-002, and provide legally traceable time to voice recorders, CAD, radio consoles, ANI/ALI, wall clocks, and more! Community-wide time synchronization solutions now available.
e-mail: [email protected]

911 Override
Systems/devices that make single-line homes and businesses
and more 911 proficient.
Severs connection and redials upon dialing 911 no matter
who or what is occupying the line.

Contact Spioch Enterprises, Inc. at

TCI (Tel Control, Inc.)
P.O. Box 4087, Huntsville AL 35815-4087
Tel: 256-881-4000 or 800-239-8000
FAX: 256-881-4971
Email: [email protected]
Public Safety Call Center solutions utilizing digital switching technology to provide rapid and reliable emergency 911 communications. The TCI systems include Computer Telephony Integrated Intelligent Workstations, Computer Aided Dispatch and Mapping, and Automatic Call Distribution.

XYPOINT Corporation is an advanced network services company created to bring low cost, user friendly, location enhanced services such as wireless E9-1-1 to mobile people.


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P.O. Box97004, Redmond, WA 98073-9704 /
Phone: 425-820-6363 / Fax: 425-820-7031 / Providing innovative products for Dispatch Telephony and E 9-1-1 including Instant Recall Recorders, TDDs, Telephone Consoles and complete Telephone Systems. Email: [email protected]