Operations – Public Education & PSAP Training

The Public Education & PSAP Training Committee

as part of the 9-1-1 Center Operations Committee of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), is to provide resources and share information regarding 9-1-1 public education & PSAP training in various forms to the NENA membership. 

The Public Education & PSAP Training Committee recognizes that budget, resources, geography, population and structure of agencies vary, making it impossible to create a public education program that will work for each agency represented in the NENA membership.  Therefore, the principal objective of the Public Education & PSAP Training Committee is to act as a programs and information clearinghouse of public education programs, campaigns, presentations and materials that have been implemented successfully throughout the emergency communications community.

Completed Projects — Consumer Education Packages

During 2003-04, the Public Education & PSAP Training Committee twice worked with wireless industry participants to create two consumer education packages.

In the first instance in 2003, the topic was number portability. It is primarily geared to the wireless customer, porting their number from a wireline or wireless provider. However, the package can also be used by wireline providers for customers porting to them. The package explains the key operational issue (mixed/dual service and callback) and provides suggestions for distribution by service providers. It includes suggested wording that can be used by providers for giving to new customers, posting to their web sites and other uses, and suggested wording that can be used by providers for marketing/sales associate training.

In late 2003/early 2004, the topic was wireless 9-1-1. Working with wireless provider representatives and an APCO participant, the public education committee created a consumer education package for distribution by wireless providers. It included 9-1-1 marketing messages, a fact sheet for posting to provider web sites, customer distribution and sales associate training. This included a FAQ sheet “for making a 9-1-1 call from your cell phone.”


  • The Basics – Description of products and programs on a very basic level
  • Programs – programs for targeted audiences (preschool, adults, etc..)
  • Funding & Resources – Identified funding and resources for public education programs. Lists methods regardless of budget. (High budgets to no budgets)

Future Issues:

  • N-1-1 Public Education
  • Wireless Public Education
  • Special Events/Campaigns/Recognition
  • National Mascot
  • Research Development & Evaluation

Public Education & PSAP Training Committee Chair

Sonya Lopez-Clauson
Public Information/Education Officer
Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network



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