Wireless Call Routing & Testing Validation

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E9-1-1 Wireless Maintenance Call Routing & Testing Validation

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This Standard is to provide a common format and rules for the submission of wireless maintenance cell data for call routing and ALI display review and approval by the 9-1-1 Governing Authority in existing E9-1-1 Service deployments.

The Wireless Call Routing and Testing Validation Standard facilitates the standardization of the Call Routing and Testing Validation Worksheet (TVW) between all parties involved in the wireless maintenance process. This worksheet and the accompanying completion rules ensure that PSAPs or the 9-1-1 Governing Authority have all of the data elements they need in order to make informed call routing decisions and to update their CAD and mapping applications. In addition, this standard provides MPC and ALI database owners the information they need in order to fulfill the PSAP data and display requirements. The notification and testing rules ensure that the 9-1-1 Governing Authority has sufficient time to make call routing decisions while balancing the Wireless Carrier’s need to add new cell sites and make cell site changes timely.

Wireless maintenance activity that requires the creation of a Call Routing Spreadsheet and TVW include:

  • New cell site adds (post Phase 1or 2 deployment).
  • Changing the number of sectors on a tower (e.g. going from omni to 2 or 3 sectors, etc.).
  • Changing the orientation of sectors to an extent that it may affect call routing decisions or
  • change the sector directional displayed to the PSAP.
  • Re-homes of cell sites from one switch to another.
  • New air interface technology (e.g. TDMA to GSM).
  • Changing MPC Service Providers.

This document specifically focuses on maintenance activities in existing PSAP E911 Service deployments (E911 Phase I or Phase II). Implementing a new phase of E911 service to a PSAP (e.g. migrating from E911 Phase I to E911 Phase II) and the deployment of cell sites in new service areas or market areas for a given Wireless Carrier are not considered maintenance activities within the scope of this document and are considered new E911 Service deployments.

“Testing” as referred to in this document means testing to verify that calls are routing properly and the delivery of location data is functioning properly between the 911 network components. This document does not address the testing of the accuracy of E911 Phase 2 latitude & longitude provided via a Phase 2 location query.

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Operations – Next Generation Integration – NGI

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