NENA’s Web Site Technology

NENA’s Web Site Technology

For those of us with just a touch of geek… OK – maybe a lot.

NENA uses Drupal to power our website. You can visit the Drupal home page or just Google it to get hours of reading.

Drupal is an open-source content management system that offers many features that fit well with NENA’s web site. Managing large numbers of documents and allowing multiple people to contribute and edit content are native strong points in Drupal.

Many of the pages you see are views extracted from the database so they do not require manually updating each time we add or edit site content. A great example of this is a new standard, once it is added to the system it is automatically included in all the pages that list standards. Educational courses is a similar example.

Content is published and un-published automatically by the Drupal database system. Visitors to the NENA site should not see old data since we can set an un-publish date when the content is created. If something is still valid, just old, we can display it on an archive page and not have it featured in the listing of current content.

Paul does our Drupal consulting and is an Open Source Web Developer, Linux Administrator & Open Web Consultant.

did our design and custom programming work in 2009. They are a consulting firm specializing in Drupal.

HotDrupal Hosts NENA’s web site and as the name implies they specialize in Drupal hosting. They have low cost plans as well as dedicated servers.