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9-1-1 Operational Standards
NENA’s 9-1-1 Center Operations Committee, comprised of several topic-specific tracks, works year-long on the development of recommended 9-1-1 center best practices and other operational information documents. While there are no standard, required operating procedures for 9-1-1 in America, NENA best practices give 9-1-1 centers the tools they need to maintain a consistent level of service and work in relation to their peers in neighboring counties and states. The work of the committee and its tracks, in three document formats, will be posted here as a resource for NENA members and other 9-1-1 professionals. Click on the appropriate links at the left for the work of these committee tracks. 

Chairperson of the 9-1-1 Center Operations Committee is Dave Mazeau, Director of Emergency Communications, City of Gahanna, OH; ph. 614-471-8674, email [email protected]

The 9-1-1 Center Operations Committee tracks are:

Human Resources/Accessibility
Wireless Implementation/Vendor Relations
Public Education
Staffing and Scheduling
Contingency Planning
Standard Operating Procedures

Your participation in the work of any of these tracks is greatly appreciated. For more information on how you can contribute to the development of 9-1-1 Center Best Practices, contact the appropriate Track Chair or Dave Mazeau (above). Track Chair contact info is on the corresponding track page–see links at left.

9-1-1 Center Operations Committee Document Formats/Heirarchy

Standard Document:

A structured, formal document prepared by one of the 9-1-1 Center Operations Subcommittees; opportunity for comments by NENA members during a comment period; submitted to the NENA Executive Board for approval as a NENA recommended standard/best practices; published by NENA as a recommended standard/best practice. One could refer to the NENA technical standards on the NENA web site for examples.

White Paper:

A topic-specific paper written to address one or more operations issues. Intended to be instructive with regard to how to address or respond to issues impacting 9-1-1 center operations. Prepared and reviewed by 9-1-1 Center Operations Subcommittees but not intended to serve as a standard or best practice; widely distributed to the NENA membership. This paper is usually 10 to 15 pages and refers to practices or methods to facilitate individuals on specific 9-1-1 center Operations issues.


NENA developed forms to assist in center operations; prepared and/or recommended for use by 9-1-1 center operations subcommittees/study groups.


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