Training & Education Library

Training & Education Library
Calhoun County 9-1-1 hosts one of the first projects undertaken by AL-NENA, a library of training, educational and reference materials. Gina Stanley is the contact and she may be reached at 205-237-9119 if you have questions.

Materials are loaned on a first come first served basis, but may be reserved in advance for special needs. Orders must be submitted via fax to 205-238-9261. Members pay return shipping/postage.

Updated February 2, 1997

Inventory # Description

  • N-01 Medical Priority – Pre-Arrival Instruction
    Examples – 3 Cassettes has Description Sheet Included.

  • N-02 Medical Priority – Anonymous Hero Video –
    Re-enactments of Actual Emergency Calls Received By 9-1-1 To Teach Questioning Skills.

  • N-03 ICS – Implementing The ICS At Hazardous Material Incidents Video.

  • N-04 ICS – The ICS For Hazardous Material Incident Video.

  • N-05 PSCS – Telephone Techniques For Dispatchers. Part I Video.

  • N-06 PSCS – Telephone Techniques For Dispatchers. Part II Video.

  • N-07 PSCS – Dispatcher Skill Building. Part I

  • N-08 PSCS – Dispatcher Skill Building. Part II

  • N-09 PSCS – Radio Dispatching Guidelines Video.

  • N-10 Great Performance – Stress Management Video.

  • N-11 Great Performance – Preventing Burnout Video.

  • N-12 9-1-1 Emergency Communication Manual.

  • N-13 Kick Butt- Take Names Cassette Tape.

  • N-14 Descriptions Practice Cassette Tape.

  • N-15 Speed Writing Practice Cassette Tape.

  • N-16 Dexterity Game Cassette Tape.

  • N-17 Split Ear Multiple Task Cassette Tape.

  • N-18 Number Dictation Exercise.

  • N-19 Manual Goes With N-11

  • N-20 Manual Goes With N-10

  • N-21 AT&T Language Line Services Video.