Video Production Equipment

Video Equipment
AL-NENA purchased a super VHS (SVHS) camera and equipment needed to do editing. We own title generators and computer driven editing decks. This equipment is suitable for low-end production work such as training videos.

Members of AL-NENA may use this equipment upon reservation. The camera operates much like a home model camcorder and can be easily operated. The editing equipment is not readily transportable and takes a little more training to use. It is best to shoot the video at your location and then bring your raw footage to the editing center.

Currently Baldwin County houses the equipment. If you have experience with video editing and/or this type equipment please contact Seth Phelps at Baldwin County (334-947-3911) to make your talents known.

All equipment is Panasonic unless noted

  • AG450 camcorder
  • AG1970 VCR (2)
  • CT1331Y Video Monitor (2)
  • Computer time code based edit controller
  • Videonics Titlemaker 2000
  • Radio Shack audio mixer