Committee Co-Chairs



Pete Eggimann
Director of 9-1-1 Services
Metropolitan 9-1-1 Board

/ St. Paul,  MN
[email protected]


Dick Wells

R.K. Wells and Associates, Inc.

, BC   Canada
250-862-7749 (cell)
[email protected]

IP-based communications are becoming commonplace, and we in the public safety industry can leverage the advances in real-time voice, video, chat, and other forms of communication that happen over networks using the Internet Protocol. These technologies are poised to revolutionize the way emergency communications of all types are received and processed.

Members of the Voice over IP (VoIP) Implementation and Operations Committee help shape the official position of the E9-1-1 community in response to policy issues and decisions in the area of VoIP and IP Communications. The committee also provides operational standards, model recommendations, and information that benefit:

  • 911 Telecommunicators
  • PSAP Managers / Directors
  • Public Safety IP network administrators
  • 911 Equipment manufacturers
  • Communication providers catering to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)
  • Communication providers catering to residential/consumer subscribers
  • Enterprise IT groups that are communication providers to internal customers

Working Groups of the VoIP Operations Committee are organized In the following areas of interest: 

  • VoIP PSAP Issues

  • VoIP – 911 Funding

  • VoIP Operations – Rapid Action Team

Expect to see updates and changes as new issues come up. 


VoIP PSAP Issues
Pete Eggimann
(651) 603-0104
[email protected]

Current Projects:


IP PSAP Features and Functions Operations Standard

Status:  The document is in the final review process and is expected to be adopted as a standard by March 2005.

VoIP Funding and Regulatory Issues

Dorothy Spears-Dean
(804) 786-3166
[email protected]

Michael McGrady
[email protected]


Current Projects:


911 Funding Issues Operations Information Document

  • Current 911 funding

  • Next generation 911 network funding

  • VoIP deployment’s affects on 911 funding

Status:  The work group is putting together the various sections of the draft document.  A final draft is expected to be complete by January 2005.

VoIP Operations – Rapid Action Team

Chuck P. Thompson
[email protected]

Tom Donohoe
612 673 5910
[email protected]

Current Projects: 
(on-going as needed)

Status:  The Rapid Action Team’s mission is to provide PSAP operations feedback to VoIP technical committees on proposed IP 911 technical solutions.