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Communications Tower

The Jasper County 911Center is building a Communications Tower for VHF and UHF Emergency Radio Communications, Voice and Data Systems.  This new 150 foot tower will be located adjacent to the new Jasper County Law Enforcement Center construction site at 4800 Block of Liberty Avenue, Newton, IA. 50208.  This Tower has been designed to provide space for cellular telephone panel antennas. We are currently seeking proposals to lease tower space at this new location.  The approximate geographical coordinates are: Latitude 41-40-45.75 NAD 83 Longitude 92-59-33.84.  935 feet above mean sea level

Interested parties please contact: Director, Jasper County 911 Center, 115 North 2nd Avenue East, Newton, IA  50208; ph: (641)-792-5912, fax: (641)-791-2237 email: [email protected]  


CONSULTING SERVICES: Interoperable Communications Plan for Emergency Response Agencies in Deschutes County

Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District (hereinafter 9-1-1) on behalf of the County’s Public Safety Agencies, is seeking qualified consulting firms to provide a “best guess” estimate on the costs associated with developing  a County-wide Interoperable Communications Plan.  In order to meet the deadline for State of Oregon Homeland Security grant process, the time-line for this request is very uncompromising.  Deschutes County must submit their grant request to the State of Oregon no later than March 3, 2005.

The intent of this RFI is to make an informed request for grant monies to fund the hiring of a consulting firm to do this study later in 2005.  9-1-1 and the Public Safety agencies of Deschutes County understand that the information that will be provided for is for budgetary purposes only and is not an actual quote. If grant money is awarded to Deschutes County in 2005 for this plan, 9-1-1 will then proceed with posting a formal RFP for an extensive county-wide interoperability study and needs assessment. 

The scope of services will include the review of existing communications capabilities of the response agencies and determine the solution for interfacing the communications systems together.  The end product of this project will be an Interoperable Communications Plan for Deschutes County. 

Project Focus

The primary purpose of this project is to develop protocols and recommend interfacing equipment to alleviate system interoperability and communications problems between the emergency response agencies in Deschutes County.   Based on this information contained in this  


Goal: Improve communications between emergency responders by interfacing 800 MHz and VHF radio systems so both radio system users can talk to each other fairly seamlessly with no intervention of other people to make it work.


A.) Develop a formal communications plan that defines and enhances communications between the following agencies (but not limited to):

            ·         Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office
Bend Police Department
Black Butte Ranch Police
Redmond Police
Sunriver Police
Bend Fire
Sunriver Fire
LaPine Fire
Crooked River Fire
Black Butte Fire
Cloverdale Fire
Sisters / Camp Sherman Fire
Redmond Fire
Deschutes RFPD #1
Deschutes RFPD #2

For each agency:

1.) Define existing capabilities and needs
2.) Determine shortfalls
3.) Propose potential solutions for interface

B.) Develop protocols for communicating with each other.

C.) Ensure the proper interface with Deschutes County 9-1-1 Dispatch Center

D.) Identify equipment and estimated costs to address the shortfalls.


Specific questions relative to information contained in this RFI, or requests for additional or clarifying information should be submitted to: 

Laura Wolfe, Director
Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District
62222 Hwy 20
Bend, Oregon  97701
(541) 389-5663 x 2303
[email protected]


Please submit estimate statements no later than February 25, 2005.    


Digital Recording System

Meigs County Emergency Communications District
Due Date: February 24, 4:00PM EST

Copies of the RFP spec sheet can be obtained from the local 911 Office, or by e-mail at [email protected] 

Meigs County 911 Emergency Communications District
Mildred Brady, Director
Meigs County Jail
Decatur, TN 38555
[email protected]



The El Paso – Teller County 9-1-1 Authority located in Colo Springs, Colorado is creating a vendor list for companies providing an ANS system, where the data is located inhouse. If your company is interested in bidding on this type of system please submit name, address, company name and email to [email protected]. The date of actual release of the RFP is unknown, however should be in the next 45-60 days.


Strategic Service Plan for 9-1-1 Center

The purpose of this RFP document is to provide interested qualified consultants with information for submitting a proposal to complete an assessment of the Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District.  Additionally, the selected consultant will provide planning and consulting services to the various members of the District.  The end product will be a comprehensive strategic planning document to be used by the Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District, for establishing annual goals, objectives and priorities.

The Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District (hereinafter 9-1-1) seeks proposals from interested consultants for the preparation and completion of a Strategic Service Plan for the 9-1-1 Center.  The Strategic Service Plan will include recommendations to guide key policy and resource allocation decisions to be made by the District’s Executive Board for the planning period 2005-2010.  Under the general guidance of the Director of the Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District, the Consultant will be required to review and analyze a variety of information, reports, and studies provided by 9-1-1 as part of 9-1-1’s Strategic Planning Process. The Consultant’s review and analysis is intended to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the 9-1-1’s current staffing, services, growth patterns, current and projected revenue levels and their effects on 9-1-1’s effectiveness. 

The purpose of this project is to obtain an analysis and recommendation and prepare a Strategic Service Plan   on the most efficient, coordinated and cost effective means of providing 9-1-1 services.  The consultant will be required to develop and present a written plan analyzing the Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District by identifying the strengths and weaknesses both internally and externally to the organization.  The consultant will also be required to identify and make recommendations on areas that can be improved upon. This includes suggesting alternative means of staffing, supervision, technical service delivery, and improving the dispatch and 9-1-1 services provided by the Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District.

The selected consultant should have extensive 9-1-1 background and expertise with all aspects of PSAP operations.  The selected consultant should be knowledgeable of PSAP best practices, exceptionally familiar with the required staffing for a 24/7 operation, and able to assess, identify and make recommendations with regard to the following:

  • Future staffing needs with projected timeline for implementation
  • Ratio of staff to call volume (this ties in with future staffing requirements)
  • Optimal organizational structure with recommended adjustments 

Please click here to view the full RFP

Laura  Wolfe, ENP
Deschutes County 9-1-1 Service District
(541) 389-5663  ext 2303
fax (541) 382-5767
63333 Highway 20 W
Bend, Oregon  97701



The Cheatham County Emergency Communications District has extended the due date of responses to a request for proposals (RFP) on a 300’ Communications Tower until February 10, 2005, at 3:00 p.m. CST. Call 911 Director Joe Cook (615) 792-3221 to request copies of the RFP specifications. Proposals will be opened at that time.

Sealed proposals must be received in the Cheatham County Mayor Office, 100 Public Square, Ashland City, TN 37015, and must have marked, on the exterior of the sealed envelope the contractor license number and maximum amount of bond. The County reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all proposals.

Mr. Joe Cook , Cheatham County 9-1-1 Director
Honorable William Orange, County Mayor
Mr. Scott Wilcutt, Cheatham County 9-1-1 Board Member




NOVA SCOTIA Emergency Measures Organization

911 Technology Renewal Initiative Project:

The Nova Scotia Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) is in the process of preparing to issue a tender for new hardware, software and peripheral equipment needed to upgrade the Province of Nova Scotia 911 emergency reporting service on or before October 31st 2006.
EMO is seeking interested suppliers that are capable of providing the required 911 renewal deliverables and is implementing a vendor consultation process to:

1. Inform vendors of the opportunity,
2. Provide a first draft of the RFP specifications for early review
3. Identify any vendors’   concerns, preferences or recommendations

Only suppliers that are able to provide 911 hardware and software that is fully compatible with existing Aliant provided Nortel DMS 100 switches should consider responding. All 911 calls within Nova Scotia are routed to the Nova Scotia PSAPS via a primary Nortel DMS 100 using Centrex Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) technology.  The primary Nortel DMS 100 switch is backed up by another DMS 100 in case the primary switch fails.

The vendor consultation process will begin with an initial session designed to brief participants on the 911 renewal project, to confirm their interest in bidding and to solicit their input. Participating vendors will be invited to review the material provided at the session and to provide feedback on specific issues that will be identified during the briefing.

Participants are invited to attend the consultation process in person.  Provisions will be made for those who wish to participate via teleconference.

Date: Thursday, January 20, 2005
Time: 1:30:00 pm (Atlantic Standard Time)
Site Location:  The Ramada Plaza Hotel, 240 Brownlow Avenue, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Teleconference number and access code:  1-902-981-0200, participant passcode to be provided upon request
Procurement  WebSite:  www.gov.ns.ca/
http://www.gov.ns.ca/tran/tour/results.asp http://www.gov.ns.ca/tran/tour/results.asp
EMO WebSite:  www.gov.ns.ca/emo/

Please contact the following no later than January 18, 2005 of your intent to participate, your preferred method of participation, and how many attendees will join you so EMO (NS) can ensure everyone can be properly accommodated:

Jane Gilson, 9-1-1 Operations Coordinator,     
Tel:(902) 424-2554
Fax: (902) 424-5376
Email address: A Jane Gilson [[email protected]]