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NENA Online RFP Posting Form

Getting your Request for Proposal or Request for Information posted on the NENA web site is easy!  Just follow these few guidelines, then complete the form below or email your completed posting to [email protected].

  • Please submit a brief version of your Request for Proposal, 100-300 words is ideal.  If your RFP/RFI is an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word document, send a summary version plus your document and we will post them both.  You may also try referring readers to your office to receive the complete version, with all your specifications. If your complete RFP is on your web site, be sure to include the URL and we will be happy to provide a link.  

  • Remember to include contact information for you/your office, including at least name, agency/company, phone number, and email address.  Respondents are required to contact your office directly (not NENA headquarters).

  • Don’t forget to tell us when you would like your posting placed on the site, and when you would like it removed.

  • We will try to post your RFP in as close a format as possible to the copy you email us.  However, try to keep formatting to a minimum to ensure that readers can easily find the information they need to respond.

  • No images or logos can be included on the RFP page.

Please complete the following RFP/RFI form to have your request posted on the NENA web site.  For questions or comments about this free service, please email [email protected]

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