APCO/NENA Wireless Presentations

APCO/NENA Wireless CIF Presentations

Wireless Implementation Team and Their Responsibilities:
Identifying your successful wireless implementation.  Experts from each perspective will review key issues and set the stage for implementation.

National Wireless Status

  • National Wireless Status: An Overall report of the status of legislation and funding, Phase I and Phase II completion including project Locate and operational issues (unintentional calls, status of standards.) – Roger Hixson, ENP, NENA Technical Issues Director
Phase I Introduction

FCC Wireless updates as of January 2002

  • Kris Monteith, Policy Division of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


Phase II Transition:
The changes that occur and do not occur relative to Phase I and which solutions apply to Phase II as well as discussion on data additions and their impacts.

Phase II Location Accuracy Testing

Location Determination Technologies

Beyond Phase II: An in depth look at ACN and Telematics