About AL-NENA Web

Using the Site…
You will enjoy the site much more if you use Internet Explorer or Netscape in version 3 or higher. We design the site for IE, and some things just will not work well in both, so we compromise. We also use Medium font as our design standard.

About our Site…
This site was put together by volunteers from Baldwin 9-1-1 and Shelby 9-1-1 and was launched on National NENA’s web site on February 11, 1996. (or thereabouts) Or goal is to provide a resource for both our members and the general public about 9-1-1 issues in Alabama and links to other resources. This site is intentionally short on graphics and “bells and whistles” to speed your access to the information. The site is created and maintained using Microsoft FrontPage ’97.

AL-NENA will evaluate this project and consider obtaining a domain name and moving the site to a server in Alabama based on usage.

Please contact John Ellison at Shelby County 9-1-1, with questions or with information to add to the site.