Housing Text

Conference Housing Form Instructions:

  1. Review hotel locations and rates.
  2. Download and complete the housing form. Please
    print or type to insure correct and timely processing.
  3. Please submit one room request per form. Should
    you need additional forms, your blank copy may
    be photocopied.
  4. All Reservations must be processed through the
    NENA Housing Bureau. Reservations will be
    acknowledged by the Housing Bureau within two
    weeks of receipt of the housing form. Confirmation
    will follow and be sent directly from the assigned hotel.
  5. All rooms must be guaranteed. You may provide
    complete credit card information on the form or send
    a one night’s deposit directly to the hotel after receiving
    confirmation from the hotel. Do not send deposit
    checks to the Housing Bureau.
  6. Reservations must be received by May 27, 1998.
    After this date, reservations must be made directly
    with the hotels.
  7. Reservations are assigned on a first come-first served
    basis and according to room availability at the time
    of receipt of housing request.
  8. Cancellations and changes prior to May 27, 1998 are
    to go through the Housing Bureau via fax or mail.
    After May 27, 1998, you must call your hotel directly.
  9. Reservations can be mailed to: NENA – Cincinnati
    Housing Bureau, 300 West 6th Street, Cincinnati, OH
    45202 or FAX 513-621-2156.