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NENA is pleased to announce the completely new member directory search!  In conjunction with TCS Labs, NENA can now provide members with far more information than was previously available.

For a short time we will allow you to enter your present username and password combination to access the membership database only. After November 1st, 2005 you will need to have your new username and password.

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Log In Now:  Simply enter your old NENA username, which is your first name as it appears in the NENA membership database.  Then enter your NENA membership number–this will be on your membership card.  (If you have lost or misplaced you NENA membership card, please call NENA Headquarters at 800-332-3911 for your number.)
Use of NENA MemberSearch:  The NENA MemberSearch Online Membership Directory continues to be copyrighted and may not be used for the purpose of compiling a mailing, faxing or emailing list for commercial or private use.  Membership mailing labels are available for purchase (for approved use) from NENA by calling NENA Headquarters at (800) 332-3911.


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