May 2003 Minutes

Meeting minutes – Michigan NENA  May 13, 2003
Spring Conference – Amway Grand Plaza, Grand Rapids, MI

  Members in attendance:

Name                       Representing                 Name                    Representing

Greg Main                 Ionia County 911           Chris Schultz           Isabella County

Michael Ash              Shiawassee 911               Kathy Plachetzki  Central Dispatch Network

Jamel Anderson       Grand Traverse 911          Paul Rogers           Eaton County

Tom Altman              Mason-Oceana 911        Craig Swenson     Washtenaw Central

Lloyd Fayling             Genessee County Rich Troshak          OCCDA

Ann Farquhar            Southfield Police  John Bawol           Roscommon County

Audra Timm            Hillsdale County 911     Margie Hatfield    Hillsdale County 911

Ron MacDonald      Hillsdale County 911         Stephen Todd        City of Flint 911

Mark Duflo               Gratiot County 911        Marsha Bianconi  CWW

Mary Griffin               Auburn Hills Police       Becky Shatney     Ottawa County 911

Jeff Vezina               DSS Corporation  Gary Brozewski   Bay County 911

Karen Chadwick      Ingham County 911          Jim Fyvie             Clinton County 911

Jill Fish                    Calhoun County 911          Gene Adamczyk   MSP Communications

Vince Foisy               City of Rochester Hills  Bob Currier              Intrado

Jim Crichton              Lapeer County 911         Pam Matelski        Mackinaw County 911

Deborah Marshall    Waterford Police   Tom McIntyre       Saginaw County 911

Brianna Machuta      Radio North/MSC            Suzan Hensel         Midland County 911

Mike Sexton              Sexton & Associates       Andy Goldberger  St. Joseph County 911

Minutes of the previous meeting held in February at Clinton County were read and approved, carried and placed on file.

Treasurer Andy Goldberger presented the chapters financial report.  Motion by Stephen Todd to accept report and place on file, supported by Pam Matelski.  Motion carried.

                                                                        General account            $ 14,133.60

                                                                        Conference account      $ 17,703.68

                                                                        Savings account            $ 10,279.35

                                                                        Grand total                 $ 42,116.63

Conference Report – Suzan Hensel

Brief report presented with a full conference report to be announced at July’s meeting.  250 attendees and 32 exhibitors present.  A thank you to the conference committee.  Rough figures for conference profit about $3500.00 – $4000.00.

ETSC Report – Paul Rogers

Reminder announcement of ETSC session on the closing day of the conference, therefore it was felt that there was no need to approach anything else in this report with the session and the ETSC meeting that was held at the conference.  President Sexton announced that the session on closing day was about Public Act 32.

Andy Goldberger announced that following tomorrow’s ETSC session, would be the giveaways and drawing.

­Old Business

Geo-Comm sent out copies of their CD’s to those who requested one from their presentation at the last meeting.

The membership drive produced no new members as reported by President Sexton, therefore we had no winner for the contest.

Hero’s program – President Sexton announced how pleased he was with National NENA John Melcher’s presentation.  Thanked the selection committee for their hard work and commitment.  It was also announced that the Hero’s program is no longer supported by national NENA and that it is up to each state chapter to continue the program.  National will however support the chapters if they choose to continue.

Tom Altman motioned for the Hero’s program to become part of the state Conference, support by Phil Chrzan.  Paul Rogers asked Saginaw County for a copy of the news tape of this year’s winner as a way to promote and motivate other counties/centers.

Jim Fyvie concerned with the fairness of the award only going to a situation that had a “positive outcome”.  Suzan Hensel announced that a committee would be formed to evaluate the qualifications and revise the parameters if needed.

Lloyd Fayling concerned with cost of the program now that the state chapter would be funding it, Any Goldberger announced that it costs less than $ 200.00.  One other option for committee review would be to have all candidates recognized in some way.

ENP exam – President Sexton announced that seven total sat for the exam, and only three of those were from Michigan.  He is hoping to announce soon that we have three new ENPs for the State of Michigan NENA chapter.

New Business

National conference – President Sexton and Treasurer Goldberger will be going as representatives of the Michigan chapter, as well as the winner of all attendees to be announced at the close of the conference.  The scholarship to attend the conference was won by an applicant from Illinois, with a reminder to all members to take advantage of the availability of scholarships in the upcoming years.  An invitation has also been extended to Mary Jo Hovey to attend the National conference, she is unable to accept, and therefore the invitation will be extended to Col. Munoz of the Michigan State Police.

Other Business

National NENA North Central Regional Vice President candidate Bob Currier came forward to say a few words, other candidate Ron Bonneau attended most of the conference, but was unable to attend this meeting to speak with the membership.

This meeting was adjourned at 4:40 PM; the next meeting will be held in Ionia County at 10:00 AM on July 9, 2003.

Respectfully submitted,

Brianna Machuta

Chapter Secretary