Nov 2000 Minutes

Meeting Minutes – Michigan NENA

November 28, 2000
MSP Training Academy

Meeting was called to order by President Stephen Todd andattendees were introduced. The new MSP Coordinator Gene Adamczyk was introducedhe will be replacing Lt. Shirley Razmus as liaison to the PSAP community.

Minutes were distributed and approved. Andy Goldbergerpresented treasurer’s report. Mr. Goldberger reported that the MI NENA electionwould be handled by mail and overseen by National NENA. The local chapter isbeing charged for actual associated expenses. It was also reported that last2000 Spring 911 Conference was the last year for a split of the proceeds betweenNENA and APCO. The Treasurer’s report was received as information and placed onfile.

A brief update of the 2001, 911 Conference was presented. Theconference will be held May 21-24, 2001 at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids. KeyNote speaker yet to be determined, several prospects are under consideration.Pre-conference session on School Violence to be held, school personnel, lawenforcement, public safety communications staff and other interested partieswill be invited. Program Chairs, Stephen Todd and Cathy McCormick working onother potential presenters.

A hand out from Dispatch Monthly, which lists the variouswireless carriers and their planned method of delivery of Phase 11 Wireless 911was distributed.

Mr. Mike Sexton reported on the possibility of Michigan andOhio jointly hosting a Critical Issues Forum on Wireless 91 1. Possible locationof the “Ann Arbor Area’ was suggested and will be pursued. A motion wasmade and supported to cover the expenses of hosting the conference andsoliciting funding assistance from APCO and MCDA.

Meeting was concluded and adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Catherine McCormick (MI NENA/VP),substituting for Secretary Bob Currier.