FCC Docket 94-102 Will Take Effect 60 Days After Releaseof Text

Due to “Contract with America,” effective date is 60 daysinstead of 30.

As NENA has reported, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adoptedDocket 94-102 on June 12, 1996, creating rules to govern the availabilityof basic 9-1-1 services and the implementation of Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1)for wireless services. It is anticipated that the text of this importantdecision will be released by the end of July.

It has been confirmed by John Cimko, Chief of the Policy Division ofthe FCC, that, due to a small piece of the “Contract with America”adopted by Congress earlier this year, the effective date of Docket 94-102will be 60 days, rather than 30 days after it is entered into the FederalRegister.

What does this mean in terms of compliance? If the text is releasedat the end of July, it will be entered into the Federal Register aroundthe first of August. The Docket will take effect 60 days later, or aroundthe first of October. The one year, 18-month and 5-year periods in therequirements will begin at the effective date.

NENA will keep its members up-to-date as we receive additional information.If you’d like a copy of the text, call the NENA office (1-800-332-3911)after October 1.